Life Drawing

life drawingLife Drawings are a perfect option if your wanting to throw a hens night. Life drawing is a very tasteful, fun, classy and artistic alternative way for the shy reserved or outgoing adventurous to spend your forthcoming hen night, girls night or any other celebrational occasion. Have one of our sexy male models come to your house or location and pose while you and your friends sketch him.

Semi nude life drawing: This is perfect for those who are shy and don’t really want to see a complete stranger naked. For semi nude life drawing you will receive a gorgeous model to sketch in any room in your house for 30 minutes. Afterwards you can compare your drawings with the other girls.

Full nude life drawing: This is our most popular option and comes with 2 activities.

The first is an exciting game of ‘mold the pecker’ (with modelling clay.) This game is perfect to get everyone relaxed before going into seeing your model in the nude. After everyone is finished your model will judge everyone’s ‘pecker’ and award the winner a prize.

After ‘mold the pecker’ the gorgeous male model will strip out of all of his clothes and strike a pose in the middle of your lounge room giving you 45 minutes to sketch him. After the 45 minutes you can compare drawings.

Everything needed for these activities are provided by us and everyone gets to keep their clay model and drawing.

This activity takes 1.5 hours